Singles Challenge Ladder

Welcome to the CTC singles leader board! The ladder is open to all adult and student members (please make sure your membership is in good standing to participate). Here's how it works:

  • Click the Register button below to be placed on the board.

  • You can challenge anyone in the three rungs above you. Click the corresponding Challenge button to initiate your challenge.

  • Notification of your challenge will be automatically sent to your opponent with your email address, so that they can accept your challenge directly.

  • Please respond to challenges within 24 hours.

  • Set the date and time of your match. Matches can be played at any court on PEI, following their individual rules for court usage.

  • The match comprises one set, full ad, with a tiebreak in the event of a 6-6 tie. 

  • You have one week from the date of the challenge to play your match.

  • After the match, whoever initiated the challenge shall email the score to

Please respond to challenges within 24 hours.

Please be respectful with the number of times you challenge a single player.

Good luck to one and all, and have fun!

Registered Players

Jennifer Roma

Simon Leng

Simon Ogden

Daniel Arseneault

Danny Nispel

Bernie Tierney

Marco Thorne

David Sharpe


Shulin Ji

Zach Sanayie

Kristen MacDonald


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